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Sentient Creatures is a registered non-profit Animal Rescue Organization!

Our animals come from a variety of sources. We either rescue them directly or purchase them from undesirable owners. Some are voluntary owner surrenders (very rare). Neglected and abandoned animals form a large proportion of our rescues.

Our animals receive complete veterinary care including spaying and neutering. Grooming follows. Regular exercise, premium quality food and socialization methods form the daily regimen for each animal under our care.

Prospective adopters and foster care givers are given the same stringent screening. An adoption is finalized when a reference check (4 people), a home visit, a signed agreement and a reasonable donation is made to SCI. Periodic follow-up is done. This is an area sorely in need due to lack of staff.

Rescues and Adoptions: 2001

PERCY (aka "Mr. Biggs"). Was rescued by a woman in the Bronx and later given to me. She had witnessed this dog being dumped out of a speeding car, kicked a few times and abandoned by a man who sped away, leaving a whimpering dog to suffer. The little dog soon forgot his misery and found a loving home with Edward D'Angelo of Oceanside, NY on 1-15-01.

LUCY. A little black mixed breed puppy was taken out of a substandard home environment where the dog was tied to a radiator and neglected. After a brief stay with me, the puppy began to thrive. She was adopted by Brian Toukey of Manhattan on 2-21-01.

AMBER. One of Dorre's pups, moved around twice before she was finally adopted by Eileen Doherty of the Bronx on 3-3-01.

ROSIE. A pure breed Rotty rescued from a basement in East Harlem, was nurtured at our shelter and adopted to a man from New Jersey on 4-21-00. Less than a year later, Rosie was abandoned near the bus depot in East Harlem. The dog was traced to me on 1-24-01 through the old ID tag she was wearing. She was adopted to a doting woman, Lisa Blankenship, on 3-10-01 - for the second and final time.

JIMMY & DORIE. Were adopted together by a wonderful couple, Judy and Jack McCuster of Manhattan on 4-21-01. Jimmy, a black Labrador mix, was rescued at night in the middle of a blizzard on 1-4-01 and lived at our shelter. The two dogs met at the shelter and fell in love, and were ecstatic to find a home together.

REMY. This blind Shihtzu was rescued from the CACC on 5-20-01, where he most certainly was a candidate for euthanasia. He was fostered by Robin Drarin who adopted both Remy and Girlie (the cat) on 6-20-01 and moved to her home in Belgrade Lakes, Maine.

RUBEN (aka Tito). A Cocker Spaniel mix was brought to the ASPCA on 7-7-01 by a man who did not want the sick dog. I overheard the conversation and offered to take the dog. Ruben was immediately hospitalized with a suspicion of Parvo Virus, treated and later discharged. After a brief period of foster care, Ruben was adopted by Michael Tiederman and his fiancée on 8-7-01.

ASHLEY. One of Dorre's puppies, who had a few unsuccessful placements previously, was finally adopted on 5-26-01 by Pat and Emil DeToffol of Ghent, NY. This couple had formerly adopted from us a hard-to-place mixed breed named Sally, who had died a few months ago.

SAMMY. A highly neglected malnourished puppy who was rescued by me from the home of a mentally disabled woman in Harlem on 7-28-01. He was kept in my home because he needed lots of attention and special food. After he was fully recovered, he was adopted by a school teacher, Beth Dougherty and her family, of Riverdale, NY on 8-18-01.

BONNIE. Along with her brother and her mother, they were 3 starving dogs imprisoned in an overheated ground floor apartment of the building's supt. On my routine feeding rounds of the junkyard dogs, I discovered the starving trio. I was unable to feed them due to the frequent presence of the man who was obviously mentally ill, irrational and potentially dangerous. Desperate for food on 7-4-01, Bonnie, the skinniest, jumped through the narrow spaces of the window and landed on the sidewalk. That's when I got her. The other two dogs were rescued by the ASPCA. The man was charged with animal cruelty. Bonnie was emaciated. Her coat was dry and brittle. Her nails were long: she had never walked outside their “prison.” She had diarrhea. She ate her own feces - that's how she survived. She was a mess. Knowing that Bonnie had special needs and required extra-special care, I nurtured her in my home. Bonnie gained weight, developed a glossy coat and turned out to be an attractive and lovable dog. She was adopted as a companion for Julie and Otis McGovern and their dog on 9-22-01.

MADISON. A 10-week old Akita-mix puppy was abandoned in a Bronx apartment. I rescued her on 9-10-01. Too young to be kenneled, I took her in and nursed her back to perfect health. She was adopted on 11-23-01 by Jessica and John Lofaso of Riverdale, NY.

LINDSAY. A pregnant Pitbull Terrier, was rescued from a junkyard on 8-11-01. Her owner had been incarcerated. After her abortion and spaying, we learned that her fetuses were dead inside her uterus, which would have caused her eventual death, too. Lindsay spent 4 costly months at the Westside Veterinary Center and finally got adopted by Linda and Jeff on 12-31-01.

Rescues and Adoptions: 2000

KOULIS AND LAILA. These two sibling kittens were rescued from a para-professional in my school and adopted shortly thereafter by Anamarie Mizike of Manhattan on 1-8-00.

FARLEY. This nearly frostbitten little puppy was chained to a log and abandoned in a snow-covered junkyard in Harlem. He was rescued on 1-13-00 and adopted by Nicki and John Brennance of Manhattan on 2-7-00.

GIRLIE (cat - named after the dog). This sweet, friendly cat lived on a construction site in Harlem. She was rescued by me on 2-9-00, fostered by two different people and finally adopted by Robin Drouin, a volunteer for SCI who later moved home to Maine with Girlie.

GRACIE. This attractive young cat was hit by a car, attacked by a PitBull Terrier and lay lifelessly under a truck. That's how I found her on 2-16-00. Cold and wet with glassy eyes, she was still alive. She was rushed to a veterinary hospital and treated for shock and trauma. During her long hospitalization, she spontaneously aborted four dead fetuses. The prognosis was poor. I had her looked at by an orthopedic surgeon who also indicated that Gracie would never walk again. However, I did not have the heart to euthanize a perfectly responsive, loving cat just because of her paralysis. I adopted Gracie and brought her home. I manually help her urinate and massage her body with a warm wash cloth to aid her in moving her bowels. The veterinary predictions of hair loss, urine burns and self-mutilation never happened. Gracie is a clean, contented, healthy cat who will never walk. So what!

DILLON AND RUFUS. Lived like captives in the basement of a building in Harlem with a mentally incapacitated homeless man whose behavior was too erratic to properly care for the dogs. On 3-29-00 the dogs were rescued. Lin Gould adopted Rufus, who we learned has an idyllic life. Dillon was placed in foster care on the same date with Margareta Wilkman of Manhattan. Our attempts to place Dillon failed. Margareta thwarted our plans by denying access to see the dog and by offering a variety of stories about Dillon's whereabouts. To date - and despite letters, phone calls and meetings with Margareta - we do not know about Dillon or his whereabouts.

DORRE AND HER 4 PUPPIES. We spotted her in March in a junkyard in Harlem. She was wary and evasive but always came for her meals, then disappeared. She was pregnant but we could not catch her. Towards the end of March, Dorre was not seen and I knew that she might have given birth somewhere. After a scrupulous search we found her with 4 newborn puppies in a hole in the filth and squalor of an adjacent junkyard, and rescued her. Dorre and her pups moved from vet hospital and foster homes until we accommodated the little family at our shelter. I named the puppies Andy, Ariel, Amber and Ashley. Dorre and her puppies were all adopted: Andy 6-24-00; Ariel 7-28-00; Amber 3-3-01 and Ashley 5-26-01.

BARNEY. A reddish-brown Doberman Pinscher was abandoned in front of our shelter on 3-29-00. He had multiple medical problems. He was placed in foster care with Dobie Daenger on 4-12-00. Dobie has severed all ties with us in spite of legal intervention, calls and letters.

GINGER. This very attractive young Sharpei mix was rescued from a junkyard on 4-23-00. She was kept in filth, tied with nylon rope to a dilapidated dog house behind a padlocked gate. She did not receive food and water whenever the man there was incarcerated. I had to improvise ways and means to get her food and water. Ginger is in foster care with Sophie Burge since 11-9-01, having moved around several times from boarding kennels and previous foster homes.

PEGGY. Barely 10 weeks old, she was burned with cigarettes and abandoned. A kindly neighbor brought her to our shelter on 9-14-00. She was adopted by Edward D'Angelo of Oceanside, NY on 5-28-00.

JENNY. A black and white Boston Terrier mix was rescued at night from a junkyard in Harlem. She lived at our shelter until her adoption to Kathy and Muricio Tuseth of Astoria, NY on 5-30-00.

BENTON. A gorgeous orange cat was rescued from a junkyard in Harlem. He was adopted by Ivy Lofberg of Manhattan on 6-10-00.

MAX. A sweet, gentle Rotty mix was abandoned in front of our shelter on 6-8-00. He was adopted by Thomas Boyle on 7-3-00.

LENA AND HER 5 KITTENS. Were rescued from a life of misery, neglect and cruelty by buying them for $100 from a group of homeless men who lived in make-shift tents in a vacant city lot in Harlem. Having nowhere to keep them, I brought them home and kept them together until there were adopted. Lena was adopted by Brandon Klein of Queens, NY on 7-23-00; Larry & Stewart (kittens) were adopted by David Reck of Manhattan on 5-29-00; Ginny & Pearlie (kittens) were adopted by Amber Deitz of Manhattan on 7-21-00 and Tommy (kitten) was adopted by Bronwyn Batjer of Manhattan on 7-25-00.

BAILEY. This tiny, sickly black Terrier puppy was sold in the street and brought to me by one of our volunteers. I kept him with me because he was too young and fragile to stay at our shelter. He was adopted on 8-6-00 by David Lincoln of Manhattan.

KENNY. This Brindle PitBull Terrier puppy was rescued from a junkyard in Harlem on 9-21-97. He had a high fever, skin lesions, diarrhea and vomiting. With a lot of TLC and good care, he blossomed into a handsome, muscular dog. After several tryouts, he was finally adopted by Edward D'Angelo, one of our shelter workers, on 8-10-00.

PRINCE. A pure breed Siamese cat was abandoned in a moving bus by a crazy woman. I was about to board the bus when this frightened cat ran past me into the street. I gave up my trip and chased the timid cat and caught him. This was 9-30-00. He was adopted by Ariel and Allison Shillit of Manhattan on 9-13-00.

DUDLEY AND MINDY. Dudley, an older dog, was enchanted by Mindy (who was born at our shelter). At the shelter they were inseparable. Jennifer, one of the shelter workers, wrote their story with a picture of them. We circulated hundreds of flyers but nothing happened. I was sitting on a bench by the East River when a man inquired about the two dogs. He was Richard Meyer of Manhattan who adopted Mindy and Dudley on 10-9-00.

NUGGET. This adorable chocolate brown PitBull puppy was about to be given away to some construction workers who had just saved him from some teenagers. Observing what was about to happen, I snatched up the darling before his fate was sealed in misery. He was rescued and brought to my home on 9-19-00 and adopted by Wayne Powell and Gregory de Roef on 10-22-00.

Rescues and Adoptions: 1999

LOLA. A lonely, black & white alley cat was rescued on 1-11-99. She was adopted and returned due to her aggressive behavior towards the house dog. She was adopted on 1-20-99 by Roni Lawrence. Lola developed Feline Leukemia a year ago and receives special care (a combination of alternative methods and traditional veterinary care).

CHARLIE. Our shelter worker found this amiable Boxer-PitBull tied to a bench in Central Park, abandoned. We took him in to our shelter on 1-26-99. He was rapidly adopted by a neighbor, Mark Mikulski, on 2-1-99, as a companion for his female Boxer.

LILY. An abandoned, matted white Poodle was given to us by a neighbor, Karen, who owns a beeper store near our shelter. This little dog found a fantastic home with Freda Scopatelli of Rhode Island on 2-6-99.

MAX. A Rotty mix, was rescued from a basement in Harlem, where he lived in total darkness with very little food given to him. After a rigorous program of socialization, this dog found a home with Tammy Cummingskey and her two sons in Manhattan on 2-7-99.

MOLLY. One of Judy's puppies, born at the shelter on 4-5-98, was adopted, but returned, by a couple from Nyack, NY. Molly was permanently adopted by Richard and Tracy Barker of Manhattan on 3-14-99.

BOBBY (aka Homer). This handsome St. Bernard mix was rescued from a junkyard in Harlem on 2-27-99. Being a sociable, friendly dog, he readily found a home with Ann-Marie Gilligan of Manhattan on 3-21-99.

BUDDY. Was rescued - along with his litter mates Dudley, Mia and Jason - from the banks of the Harlem River on a steamy, hot afternoon in 1998. Their mother, Missy, ran into the woods and evaded us. Buddy, probably due to his poor experience in the first home, turned into a fear biter. Only a few of us could handle him. He became a threat to other shelter pets and some of the workers. In spite of the attempts to assess and train him, we felt that his interests would be best served in a no-kill sanctuary. Luckily for us, Best Friends in Utah took him in on 4-10-99.

ONYX II. This adorable Black Labrador mix was born in a junkyard to a shy dog named Martha. They were left out in a soggy cardboard box on a rainy night. I rescued Martha and her puppies at night with just a flashlight to locate each little one. I fantasized about adopting Onyx myself, but later gave up on the idea due to the restrictions in my building. Nicole, who worked part-time at our shelter, and her husband Jim, took Onyx home to their Brooklyn loft on 6-13-99. I still make periodic visits to Onyx and his family. Martha and the other puppies were also adopted.

MERCY. A tiny Boxer-PitBull puppy was rescued through purchase from a man who was selling her in the street on 6-3-99. Jill and Mark Smilow adopted her on 6-15-99. When we show our pets, the Smilows walk by and show us this gorgeous honey-brown dog that was just so young when she was adopted.

MOO MOO. This Chihuahua was 14 years old when he was left behind with the supt. when his family moved to Florida. Moo Moo had a horrible dental problem with very bad odor. Poor Moo Moo was moved from house to house when I got wind of his plight. In a flash, I located him and adopted him on 7-3-99. His dental work with all extractions cost over $500. He is blind in one eye, yet very feisty, eats well and loves to sleep long hours in his dog bed. He is 17 years old and very healthy.

EMMA. An attractive young Basenji mix was rescued from a junkyard in Harlem on April 1998. She had 5 unsuccessful placements and was returned due to her high energy level and inability to get along with other pets. Her day of glory came when Izzabella and Oscar Valchez of Ontario, Canada saw her story on the Internet and drove to New York and adopted her on 7-24-99.

SIMON AND ANGEL. They were rescued at two separate times but adopted together. Simon was brought to the Center for Animal Care & Control (CACC) due to destructive behavior. I intercepted him on 8-12-99. Angel was abandoned at the ASPCA by the family of one of my students on 4-4-99. I took her in the next day. Both dogs were shelter pets and became great playmates. Dr. Jennifer Marroquin and her husband Arturo adopted both dogs on 9-12-99.

HANNAH (formerly named Hennessy). A PitBull Terrier, was abandoned in front of our shelter on 9-30-99. David and Ingrid Callot of Manhattan adopted her as a companion for their dog on 10-2-99.

FLOYD AND FREDA. Two kittens. Floyd was rescued at night from a roof top in Harlem during a thunderstorm on 9-16-99. Freda was found in a trash can in Harlem. Both kittens were adopted by Mara Goldstein of Manhattan on 10-7-99.

CHAUCER. A pure breed blond Chow Chow was rescued from a junkyard in Harlem on 8-27-98. He was in and out of three foster homes until he settled down securely at our shelter. He was adopted by Elizabeth Anderson of Pennsylvania on 11-20-99. Read more about Chaucer in "They Died in Vain".

JEREMY. This adorable mini-Pinscher was brought to our school on 5-7-99 by one of my students whose parents threatened to throw him out if no home was found. Jeremy had one unsuccessful placement after which he became the doted-on pet of Catherine Hickland, a soap opera star, who adopted him on 12-17-99.

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