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Sentient Creatures is a registered non-profit Animal Rescue Organization!
Two Kittens Rescued

They Died In Vain

GIRLIE: This sweet, gentle, shy Border Collie mix lived in and out of junkyards in Harlem. She was once a house pet whose owner heartlessly discarded her into the streets. She had a few litters of puppies in secret places. No one knew for sure what became of them. No matter how much we tried to get her, she was wary of our contact. She would eat and run away. She trusted no one and feared closeness - but gradually with the passage of time, she began to trust me and answered to her name and gobbled up the cooked beef liver I made for her. She was missing one day and continued to be gone for a week or more. I was frantic. I talked to everybody who knew her. But no one knew where to located her. I feared the worst. A guard in one of the construction sites told me that 3 women had some in, lured her with roast beef into a trap and took her away. Knowing my reputation in Harlem, one of the women left her phone number with the guard. I called, leaving messages, begging to have contact with Girlie, but they did not respond. Then I gave them all the info I knew about Girlie so as to facilitate her adjustment to a strangely different life. I finally had contact and a visit was planned. They feared that I would take her away. I found out that she was fed raw beef, had constant diarrhea and slept a lot. They had changed her name to "Ipanema Girl" and again to something else. The poor dog I imagine was confused and upset with this kind of handling. She was also on pain medication for arthritis plus de-wormers. On the night of April 26, 2000, Girlie became violently ill and died. I will never forget this courageous dog whose death was caused by these three "trophy hunters."

LIAM: This pure breed large German short-haired Pointer was rescued by me from a junkyard in Harlem where he was found in squalid conditions. He had eye and ear infections and a poor coat. After basic veterinary care, Liam was moved into our shelter, where he blossomed. He was adopted by Kim Kimbro, a film maker, who later moved to California with her boyfriend and Liam. Liam was at his peak, enjoying the California sun and the grassy fields that surrounded the house where he lived. When Kim and her boyfriend left for vacation, Liam was placed in a carefully selected kennel for that duration of time. When they returned, they were told that Liam had died of "bloat" in his crate on March 15, 2001. Kim and I had many tearful conversations on the phone. We are both inconsolable.

CHAUCER: This pensive, intuitive pure breed blond Chow Chow was rescued by me from a junkyard in Harlem. After the initial veterinary care, Chaucer became one of our beloved shelter pets. He was quiet and obedient, with little interest in the other shelter dogs. He bonded readily with his caretakers. He was adopted by Elizabeth Anderson of Pennsylvania on December 17, 1999, as the third Chow in her household. Due to his winning ways, he became her favorite pet, smiling at her and greeting her with all his love every morning when she came downstairs from her bedroom. Elizabeth and her boyfriend had to take a short vacation. So she boarded him with her veterinarian and also asked them to groom him during his stay there. A heavy anesthetic was administered to Chaucer to prepare him for his bath and haircut. Chaucer collapsed and died from the anesthetic last year (2001). To avenge Chaucer's untimely and shocking death, Elizabeth has sought legal help.

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