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Sentient Creatures is a registered non-profit Animal Rescue Organization!
The Process

If you feel that you would like to adopt or foster one of our rescues, or be put on our list to adopt a specific breed, then please send an email to us at, telephone us at 212-865-5998. Please include name, address, and telephone number and the animal you are interested in. Next, your Regional Coordinator will contact you and the process will begin.

Our Procedure

Please go to the link at the bottom and print out our Pre-Adoption Application and send it to Sentient Creatures via one of the methods above.

Once received, a representative will call and an in-house interview will be arranged to ensure the compatibility between the rescued animal and the potential adopter or foster family. Should the home be too great a distance for the representative to visit, an in-depth telephone interview could be conducted.

Sentient Creatures requires four references. If you have had animals previously, or currently have a pet, then a Veterinarian must be one of your references.

The rescue is then taken for a visit to the home, and is observed by the representative to ascertain whether a 'good fit' between potential owner, or foster parent and animal has occurred. More than one visit can be arranged if a potential home is uncertain if this animal is right for them based on just one visit.

If a match is made, then an adoption or foster agreement is signed. After all procedures have been fulfilled and finalized, we will then arrange transportation to your home.

Please remember, we are only trying to ensure that the perfect match occurs between the rescued animal and the adopter or foster. As these animals have been through so much in their lives, we try to ensure a stable home and minimize the risk of another move.

Adoptive homes are asked to make approximately a $150 donation to Sentient Creatures, Inc.(should cost be a restriction to adoption, please bring that to your representative's attention and on special occasions, fees can be lessened, waived or payments made monthly).

Should you feel that you wish to donate more than the standard fee, we would welcome the extra funds to help us continue our rescue efforts. This donation is to cover expenses incurred such as spaying/neutering, vaccinations, heartworm and any other necessary medical care, where applicable.

It is mandatory that all dogs and cats be spayed or neutered, and vaccinated before going to an adoptive home. There are no exceptions. Please spay or neuter any animals currently in your care, it is the responsible thing to do!

To foster one of our rescues, please contact us and we can open a dialogue regarding this process. Foster homes are not expected to pay for any medical attention. Should a health issue with your adoptive pet arise, please contact your representative immediately. Generally permission is required before medical veterinarian procedures are covered, emergency situations can be an exception.

Sentient Creatures, Inc. reserves the right to refuse or reject any application for adoption or fostering without explanation of the cause. Our first concern is the welfare of the dogs available. We reserve the right to make that final determination based on the information we receive or discover and what we believe is in the best interest of the animal. Take the time today, to look over our animals available for adoption or for fostering.

Click this link to go to our Printable Pre-Adoption Application

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